Infomatics, a leader in IoT solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, offers a range of transformative advantages for your company and its clientele. With an established track record spanning more than three decades, Infomatics has been at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge data center solutions across NY, NJ, PA, and DE. Embracing IoT solutions is of paramount importance in pinpointing issues, gathering crucial data insights, sustaining a competitive edge, and elevating customer contentment.

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Environmental Monitoring

Pharmaceuticals, especially sensitive medications and vaccines, require strict temperature control. IoT-enabled sensors can monitor temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors in storage areas, warehouses, and during transportation. If conditions deviate from the optimal range, alerts can be sent to prevent spoilage.


Supply Chain Tracking

IoT devices can be used to track the movement of pharmaceuticals throughout the supply chain. This ensures transparency and helps prevent counterfeit drugs from entering the market. Real-time tracking also enables efficient inventory management.


Medication Adherence

IoT devices like smart pill bottles or packaging can remind patients to take their medications at the right time. These devices can send alerts to both patients and healthcare providers if doses are missed, improving adherence and treatment effectiveness.


Remote Patient Monitoring

IoT-enabled medical devices can collect real-time data from patients, such as blood glucose levels, heart rate, and medication usage. This data can be shared with healthcare professionals to monitor patients' conditions and adjust treatment plans as needed.


Smart Manufacturing

IoT can optimize pharmaceutical manufacturing processes by monitoring equipment performance, detecting anomalies, and predicting maintenance needs. This reduces downtime, improves quality control, and enhances overall production efficiency.


Clinical Trials

IoT devices can be used in clinical trials to collect accurate and continuous data from participants. This data can provide insights into the effects of drugs in real-world scenarios, potentially accelerating the drug development process.

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