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“ From tracking and reporting to routing and scheduling — Infomatics Technologies has everything you need to start getting more from your vehicles, drivers and teams. Plus, our mobile apps allow you to manage your fleet whether you’re at your desk, on the road, or out of town.”


Designed for reliability and ease of use, Infomatics’s cloud-based fleet tracking solution gives you the information you need to help decrease overtime and maximize revenue.

Easily find and view the location of a single vehicle or your entire fleet. Immediately check the status to see if your vehicles are moving, idling, or stopped. Track vehicle activities including starts, stops, and duration of stops. Quickly find addresses, then dispatch the closest vehicles with optimized routes.

GPS vehicle tracking helps you to optimize your fleet management operations so you can:

Maximize productivity

Decrease costs

Improve customer service


Who’s driving which vehicle? Is the reefer truck keeping the load cold? Did the driver pick up the customer on time? With sensors from Infomatics Technologies, you’ll have the answers. Tamper-proof, rugged and robust— Infomatics Technologies provides the comprehensive reporting you need for your specialized operations.

A vehicle’s Power Take Off (PTO) mechanism can be used for many mobile assets. Infomatics’s PTO sensors can help determine if your equipment was used in the field at what time, for how long, and when the job was completed.

With Infomatics, transportation industry vehicles have a record of pick-up and drop-off times and locations. This functionality helps our customers improve control over their fleet operations with comprehensive productivity and financial reports—plus helping you comply with government reporting requirements.

Power Take Off (PTO) Sensors

Power Take On (PTO) Sensors

Temperature Sensors

Pick-Up/Drop-Off Sensors


Are your drivers following your rules of the road? With Posted Speed Alert, you can receive notification on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop if your drivers exceed the posted speed limit. If excessive idling is a challenge, you can use Idle Alert to monitor and reduce events where your team is leaving the engine running when parked.

Don’t get caught unaware. Use real-time alerts to start correcting aggressive and dangerous driving behaviors. With Infomatics, you’ll get notified when drivers or vehicles aren’t performing as they’re supposed to. That gives you the data and insights you need to make positive changes in your fleet operations.

Know when important events are happening with your vehicles

Receive instant notifications sent to your laptop, tablet, and smartphone

Choose the alert type, vehicles to cover, and frequency of notifications

Remind them in real-time. Infomatics Driver Awareness helps managers better ensure their drivers follow company policies on the road. When fleet vehicles are involved in harsh acceleration, hard braking or aggressive cornering events—the driver hears a beep for one second. That serves as a reminder to drive more cautiously.

Vehicle Maintenance
Staying on top of the service, maintenance, and repair needs of every vehicle and mobile asset in your fleet can be an almost impossible task. With Infomatics, you can receive an alert when maintenance is due or if it’s time to check the condition of belts, filters, fluids, tires and more.


Infomatics’s fuel card integration and comprehensive fuel management solution provides a full range of tools to help you track, monitor, and analyze commercial fuel consumption. That means you could improve efficiencies, reduce fuel waste, hold drivers accountable for fuel purchases—and improve fuel purchasing behaviors.

With a better understanding of your fuel expenses by tracking fuel transactions and managing fuel costs, you could start saving money right away with Infomatics Fuel Management.

Integrating your fuel purchasing data with Infomatics is free for Infomatics customers. Take a giant step toward cutting costs by:

Tightening commercial fuel purchasing controls

Consolidating fuel purchasing data with fleet vehicle information


As a business owner, fleet manager or risk and safety manager, driver safety is top of mind when dealing with potential issues within your fleet management operations. You want to help:

Protect your drivers’ well-being

Prevent accidents from happening

Minimize the risk of liability and accident claims

Adhere to industry and government regulations

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of fatalities in the workplace. That’s more than fires, explosions, trips, falls and equipment combined. And, while employee safety is top of mind, unsafe driving and accidents can negatively impact your business in many ways:

Decreased productivity in fleet operations

Potential fines for drivers and your business


As fuel prices begin to rise once again, businesses that dispatch vehicles to multiple stops or service calls during the course of the day could be losing revenue due to inefficient route planning. Unless they have a comprehensive GPS fleet tracking and mobile workforce management solution, they’re at risk of losing money at the pump.

Infomatics customers benefit from optimized routing. This easy-to-use feature takes all locations and stops in a vehicle’s route, organizes them, then generates the best route.

Here are a few examples of how you can benefit from fleet routing from Infomatics:

Simplify your routing process with one-click functionality

Send optimized routes to Infomatics Connect mobile app

Increase revenue by completing more jobs and adding additional stops during the day

Cut fuel costs and maximize driver time by creating the most efficient route


Multiple drivers? Multiple vehicles? No problem. Keep track of who was in which vehicle on any given day. Infomatics Automatic Driver Assignment allows you to easily identify drivers with a dedicated key fob.

Drivers check in by swiping their key fobs

Vehicles are always associated with the correct driver

Work is simplified for dispatchers


Introducing Infomatics Dashcam — it’s what you need if you want video before, during or after an unfortunate incident on the road. For example, if a harsh acceleration, hard braking or aggressive cornering even occurs — you’ll receive an email alert with a link to the video. You’ll also get a map showing the GPS location of where it happened.

Infomatics Dashcam—the closest thing to sitting in the passenger seat of every vehicle in your fleet.

Get the HD video you need to incentivize good driving behavior, know when coaching is needed and help protect your business from false claims.

Poor driving behaviors

Insurance fraud

False/exaggerated whiplash claims

Conflicting reports of actual events

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