Infomatics Technologies Inc is Incorporated in Michigan in Year 2001 and has been serving clients from 18 Years. Infomatics Technologies Inc has been mostly focused in designing Innovative Products which can build the United States Auto Industry Market. Infomatics Technologies Inc is Developing a product called TELIOT and can change the logistics of Auto Industry Market. Infomatics Technologies Inc is developing a Telematics systems which can monitor the location of fleet vehicles to increase routing efficiency, driver safety, and fleet communications. Infomatics Technologies is developing the IoT telematics application which can enable the development of applications that can identify vehicle issues and immediately notify drivers about maintenance requirements in order to avoid costly downtimes. Fleet telematics also allow managers to improve fleet efficiency and productivity. Getting the most value out of a telematics system depends on reliable connectivity. We integrate emerging technologies into existing business systems to increase efficiency, cut costs and provide a competitive advantage to our clients. As a technology organization, we perform in the top quartile of our competitors in growth, return on equity and return on investment .


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With nearly 20 years as a pioneer and leader in enterprise-grade IoT products and software, Infomatics Technologies has earned a reputation for solving the toughest challenges in the Internet of Things (IoT). Today, we enable thousands of successful IoT solutions across the world as we continue to invest in our technology roadmap that will push the industry forward for years to come.



Get New Products to Market Faster

Infomatics includes pre-built capabilities spanning convenience (remote climate control, remote door unlock), service (remote diagnostics, service reminders); safety (automatic collision notification, roadside assistance); security (boundary alerts, valet alerts); and much more.


Package Services into Products

Infomatics enables you to segment, package, present, and bill for connected offerings in different regions―as well as for different brands, models, and model years.


Deliver Services across the Entire Lifecycle

With a library of more than 200 pre-defined business processes, a smart edge client, and lifecycle management, Infomatics enables you to correctly deliver services across the entire user and vehicle lifecycles―from dealer demo, to service activation, to second and third owners, to disposal


Grow and Evolve Your Service Portfolio

Infomatics is optimized for complex IoT automotive programs that will grow over time. Leverage our smart edge client and over-the-air software update capabilities to remotely add or remove services as they evolve.